Whether you have a single family house or a large apartment complex, it is our pleasure to offer to you our unmatched professional service.

The cost of professional property management services are often never as expensive as the unintentional mistakes made by property owners struggling to manage their own properties.  One mistake may create damage or legal problems that could be very costly to you.

When choosing a property management company there are a few things that we feel are important.
1.  Is the company licensed?  In the state of Ohio certain aspects of property management require a broker’s license.
2.  Does the company have experience managing a similar type of property and similar type of situation?  There are vast differences in managing a single family house and a large multifamily complex, and a property's needs can vary from asset to asset.  Make sure the company you choose is capable of handling the task at hand.
3.  Does the company own rental property?  Your property might be competing with the company's own assets.  Which property will be first in line for potential renters and for attention?
4.  As you vet the company are they also vetting your property?  Be wary of a company that agrees to accept a property with few questions or without a site visit.  As you get to know your potential property management company, it is important that they get to know the potential property.  A good property management company will want to find out if the property is an asset that they can effectively manage.

Providing property management services in and around the Cincinnati area, FFP Realty is an Ohio licensed real estate brokerage offering our clients nearly 20 years of residential management experience.


To what degree will i be able to participate in the management of my property?


What should i look for when choosing a property management company?

That will depend on you.  We encourage owner participation, and believe it is an important factor in creating and maintaining a healthy property.  At the very least, we ask that the property owner meet with us monthly.

can i afford professional management?

Where many real estate companies offer property management services as a "side business" with their primary focus on real estate sales, our business model focuses on the management of rental properties.  This allows us to concentrate our efforts in this industry and create a powerful team to serve our clients and maintain local market expertise and experience.

In addition, FFP Realty’s dedication to the property management industry means we are constantly exploring innovative ideas and pioneering new ways to serve our residents and clients.  Thus we can provide the best possible service and be more responsive to both our residents and our clients.  From single family houses to large multifamily complexes, we provide our clients with the same high level of excellence and expertise, regardless of property scale or complexity.

The management team at FFP Realty possesses the training and experience that unburdens owners from the common headaches and concerns associated with leasing and managing rental properties, including:

  • Vacancy Issues
  • Rent Collection
  • Uncontrolled Expenses
  • Tenant Complaints
  • Repair Requests
  • After Hours Emergency Dispatch

From transition, marketing, leasing, maintenance and tenant retention, FFP Realty has the systems, personnel, knowledge and expertise that you should demand from your property management company.